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Month: October 2016

Asian Foods Express / Mahji Korean Fried Chicken | Williamsburg | Brooklyn

Asian Foods Express | 612 Grand St | Williamsburg | Brooklyn | NYC

Driving on Grand St in Williamsburg a while back I spotted an intriguing storefront – an Asian grocery store with the words Indonesian and Malaysian on the awning. If you know much about these populations in New York City, you’ll know they are quite small, and the number of extant grocery stores serving them is proportionally tiny. As most Indonesians and Malaysians live in Queens, it piqued my interest further that this store would be here in East Williamsburg.

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Supercrown Coffee Roasters exterior

Supercrown Coffee Roasters | Wilson Ave | Bushwick | Brooklyn

Supercrown Coffee Roasters | Wilson Ave | Bushwick | Brooklyn | NYC

Occupying a former mechanic’s shop in a semi-desolate Bushwick micro-neighborhood, the open, inviting, sparsely-decorated Supercrown Coffee Roasters uses its industrial space in the best possible way. One of the partners, Darleen Scherer, brought her gorgeous design sense from Park Slope’s Gorilla Coffee, where she has since sold her stake.

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Matcha Has Jumped the Shark

Matcha Eclair | Bosie Tea Parlor | Morton St | West Village
Matcha Eclair – Bosie Tea Parlor

I love Sierra Tishgart’s piece in Grub Street entitled RIP, Matcha, the Ancient Delicacy That America Has Ruined. This part especially speaks to me:

The quality of the tea at Cha Cha Matcha (the newest, and most popular, of the cafés) is poor, but that doesn’t matter: The entire place is built to be Instagram bait, and you can get pink-lemonade soft-serve with a shot of matcha drizzled on top!

It’s been apparent to me for a long time that matcha in America was on the road to ignominy, but it really came to the fore when I saw that The Bean, that temple of horror, had begun offering a matcha latte. I’d been mulling a piece of my own, but Sierra Tishgart did it for me, in style.

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