Peter Cuce

With many years of Chowhound posting experience under my belt and a handful of articles and photographs in the wild, I decided to dust off this domain, which has been sitting dormant for many a year now, and put it to use.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have to share – one of my goals for the near future is deep exploration of Sunset Park, sometimes called Brooklyn Chinatown (although there are several Brooklyn Chinatowns). According to Wikipedia, Sunset Park is now the largest Chinatown in New York City, and I don’t doubt it, based on my own explorations. Every time I visit, there’s another restaurant or five – my storefront catalog is constantly out of date.

I should probably change my Instagram and Twitter accounts to match this blog’s title, but for now, if you click on the links, you’ll find me there. I also have two Flickr accounts, one with lots of food and personal photos and the other with all of my old Project Latte stuff, my moribund cafe review site that I’m gradually migrating over to this one.

If you want a coffee tour, or want to hang out and eat, or need to contact me, shoot me an email using [email protected].