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Today’s Xiaochi (小吃) | Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab, Archestratus Books & Foods, Kona Coffee & Co | September 28, 2017

Xiaochi is a periodic column devoted to short news items and links. Xiaochi (小吃) is the Chinese word for snacks.

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab | Industry City | Sunset Park | Brooklyn | NYC

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab, the best cafe in New York City that no one visits, has recently begun offering smørrebrød, open-faced sandwiches for $5 a pop.

The Bean, 2nd Ave (E 3rd St)

EV Grieve reports on Kona Coffee and Company, a new East Village coffee shop opening soon on Second Ave between 3rd and 4th Streets. As per usual, EV Grieve equates the quality of all coffee shops, mentioning the loathsome The Bean in the same breath as some actual good purveyors.

Archestratus | Huron St | Greenpoint | Brooklyn | NYC

Paige Lipari, the proprietor of Greenpoint’s Archestratus Books & Foods, was recently featured on the Food Book Fair podcast where she talked about Patience Gray, the Sicily-based British food writer whose work is experiencing a revival following the publishing of her memoir. I like how they call Archestratus the food-and-books pleasure dome. That’s exactly how I feel about the place.

Best New Cafes & Coffee Shops | NYC | March 2017 Edition

A lot of cafes have opened in the past few months. I didn’t make it to all of them, but these are my favorites out of the ones I did visit. This is a running series and the previous edition can be found here. Order is alphabetical.

Use this handy Foursquare list to find all of the cafes covered in this series of best cafe and coffee shop roundups.

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab | Sunset Park

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab | Industry City | Sunset Park | Brooklyn | NYC

51 35th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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White Noise Coffee interior

Best New Cafes & Coffee Shops | NYC | February 2017 Edition

Espresso | Three Seat Espresso & Barber | Ave A | East Village | Manhattan | NYC

Espresso | Three Seat Espresso & Barber

Use this handy Foursquare list to find all of the cafes covered in this series of best cafe and coffee shop roundups.

New specialty coffee shops continue to open in New York City at a furious rate, and I’ve given up trying to get to all of them. However, I still (eventually) make it to a lot of them and write about the ones that are special in some way, or fill a void in a previously underserved neighborhood.

The bulk of the cafes I’ve visited lately that have opened in the last few months are in Brooklyn, with a couple in Manhattan, and one in Queens. Collectively they use coffee from a striking variety of roasters, mostly local, but some further afield.

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Chinatown’s 69 Bayard Closing

69 Bayard Restaurant | 69 Bayard St | Chinatown | NYC

While not a bastion of world-beating cuisine, Manhattan Chinatown’s 69 Bayard Restaurant certainly has a flair all its own. If you wanted tolerable late-night Chinese food – not all that easy to come by in that neighborhood, 69 Bayard was the place to find it. Where else could you find a table of cops next to a table of party girls next to a table of gang members? I haven’t been in years, but I’m a little sad to hear that it’s closing its doors this coming Saturday.

Till & Sprocket, The Best New Coffee Shop You (Probably) Won’t Get To Try

(Edit: If you’re just reading this now, it’s already too late.) West 30s Garment District shop Till & Sprocket, open for 10 weeks, is the best new shop we’ve been to in a while, but unfortunately they are downsizing their coffee program in two to three weeks. Apparently, their inclusive business model, which includes farm to table fare, a daytime cafe, craft beer, craft cocktails, and an attached co-working space, is over budget, and they’ve sadly decided to deprecate the part we care about the most.

Till & Sprocket | W 30th St | Garment District | NYC

Josip Drazenovich, most recently of Odradeks, designed the entire drinks program, on the coffee side bringing in Lofted (roasted in Bushwick) and Sweetleaf (roasted in Greenpoint). Sweetleaf’s roasting has finally hit its stride, and Josip pulls great shots of their Slapshot espresso.

Till & Sprocket | W 30th St | Garment District | NYC

Till & Sprocket is also one of the few shops in New York City with a Mahlkönig EK 43 grinder, a tool that, paired with a knowledgeable operator, can produce a thick, long espresso drink sometimes called an EK shot.

Till & Sprocket | W 30th St | Garment District | NYC

Stop in before Till & Sprocket dumbs down their coffee program and ask for a delicious Lofted EK shot.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters | Greenwich Village

This post originally appeared as a review on Project Latte, my soon-to-be defunct cafe culture site.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters | W 8th St (MacDougal St) | Greenwich Village

Located just north of Washington Square Park, the beautiful Stumptown Coffee Roasters flagship outpost has something to offer coffee drinkers of all levels. Part-cafe, part-coffee lab, the West 8th Street location is designed for efficiency in getting busy Manhattanites in and out quickly. The larger, front cafe area sports two custom La Marzocco Stradas and has wifi and a fair amount of seating. Located in a separate room behind the cafe is the standing-room-only Brew Bar. Customers looking for a more educational and coffee-centric experience should head directly to the back. The delineation between the cafe and the Brew Bar prevents the slowness in service many other cafes offering single serving pourover coffee experience.

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