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Archestratus Books & Foods Exterior

Food Tour | Archestratus, Bakeri, Cienaga, Meyers Bageri, MilkMade, Nixtamal, Oddfellows, Yunnan Flavour Garden

I love showing people around New York City, mixing food exploration with sightseeing. A recent expedition involved taking Mark, a food guy visiting from Bali, on a highly personalized journey that took into consideration preferences of his (bakeries, ice cream) and ruled out cuisines from Southeast Asia (where he lives and travels), Japan (his future home), and squeezed it into one dinner Wednesday night and half of the next day, along with homework to complete in his own time. We could have covered more places, but unlike me (probably wisely), he doesn’t eat for science – only for hunger – and our geographically disparate destinations took a toll on available eating time due to heavy New York City traffic.

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Pudge Knuckles Shuttered for Tax Evasion

Pudge Knuckles | Kent Ave (N 4th St) | Williamsburg

Williamsburg’s Pudge Knuckles has been closed by the state for 13 open warrants for tax evasion, but are apparently they’re trying to work it out with the State Department of Taxation and Finance, according to DNA Info. We’re surprised they haven’t been shuttered before now for taste evasion.

Bakeri | Williamsburg | Brooklyn

This post originally appeared on my soon-to-be-defunct cafe culture review site, Project Latte.

Bakeri, Wythe Ave

One of our overall favorite spots, this bakery with a northern European bent has beautiful decor and a design sense that covers the smallest details, friendly service by (mostly) women in retro mechanics uniforms, high quality baked goods, good savory items, and occasionally good Counter Culture coffee. In the warmer months, the backyard garden is a treasure, complete with koi pond.

Bakeri | Wythe Ave (N 8th St) | Williamsburg

There’s no wifi, but that’s not what Bakeri is about anyway. If it’s not too cold out, there are a couple of metal tables on the sidewalk, while inside there is some cozy seating by the window and an antique heavy wooden communal table fronting the pastry case. Our favorite area is the whimsically decorated single-seat nook leading to the backyard garden, a perfect place to write in your diary. To the right of the pastry case is a combination prep and extended display area.

Bakeri | Wythe Ave (N 8th St) | Williamsburg

The Counter Culture espresso, despite being prepared on a La Marzocco, ranges from carp-killing to not bad, but they have some nice iced teas. Savory food consists of pre-made high quality sandwiches on good bread and daily prepared specials, oftentimes a kale salad and some type of soup, while sweet items run the gamut from a rose water shortbread to bread pudding to croissants to coffee cake.
A signature house item is the vanilla cardamom custard skolebrød which is richly flavored and delicate, with coconut thinly shaved on top, a Scandinavian improvement on the New York danish.

150 Wythe Ave
Near N 8th St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-8037

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