The City is Overrun With Matcha

Matcha Eclair | Bosie Tea Parlor | Morton St | West Village
Matcha Eclair – Bosie Tea Parlor

I love Sierra Tishgart’s piece in Grub Street entitled RIP, Matcha, the Ancient Delicacy That America Has Ruined. This part especially speaks to me:

The quality of the tea at Cha Cha Matcha (the newest, and most popular, of the cafés) is poor, but that doesn’t matter: The entire place is built to be Instagram bait, and you can get pink-lemonade soft-serve with a shot of matcha drizzled on top!

It’s been apparent to me for a long time that matcha in America was on the road to ignominy, but it really came to the fore when I saw that The Bean, that temple of horror, had begun offering a matcha latte. I’d been mulling a piece of my own, but Sierra Tishgart did it for me, in style.

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