Overview - Nemoru Hanamaru
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Nemuro Hanamaru / 回転寿司 根室花まる

Kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi at Nemuro Hanamaru (回転寿司 根室花まる) is a good choice for a first meal in Tokyo, especially if you have limited facility with the language. It’s relatively easy to find, located as it is on the 5th floor of the Kitte Building, a beautiful triangular glass mall across from Tokyo Station. Interior - Nemoru Hanamara - KitteThe major drawback to Nemuro Hanamaru is the wait. If you arrive at a peak time, like we did, you might find yourself in line for an hour or more. Luckily there are a lot of beautiful shops in Kitte to occupy your time – just make sure you’re back in line when your number is called.Roe - Nemoru Hanamara - KitteUnlike many cheaper kaiten sushi joints, Nemuro Hanamaru’s sushi is prepared by humans, not machines, using high quality, fresh fish, and results in a pretty good product.Sushi - Nemoru Hanamara - KitteEating here is a lot of fun, with a cheery, bright, convivial atmosphere that turned out to be perfect for three jet-lagged travelers. For the full experience it’s best to sit at the counter itself or in a counter-adjacent table if with a small group. Grab anything that looks good off the conveyor belt as it goes by. Plates are color-coded by price and at the end of the meal the waiter will total up your plates and charge accordingly, similarly to the small, medium, large and x-large pricing at a dimsum hall. There’s an a la carte menu as well (English version available), but the only thing we ordered was a rich crab soup to share. You can also shout out sushi orders to the waiters if you have a Japanese speaker amongst your group – a reason for doing this would be to get more pieces than a standard conveyor plate, which usually has two.Crab Soup- Nemoru Hanamara - KitteDrinks are basic, consisting of boxed drinks on the conveyor belt, beer ordered from the a la carte menu, or free tea. Take a cup from the sub-conveyor and fill up from the tap at your table.

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